Highend AF100 Strobe/Dataflast

Individually addressable strobe can be used in special effects mode for lightning strike simulation and other strobe effects in theatrical, concert or nightclub environments or architectural settings. Dataflash® AF1000™ is in a class by itself, as not only an ultra high-power flash system, but also a continuous illumination source

Product Description


• Fixture available in yoke mounted
• Will emit light continuously. Output varies by duration.
• 64 levels of intensity (dimming), 64 levels of rate and 64 levels of
duration are provided
• Personality switch setting and selection of flash tube enables stand
alone, standard, architectural, or special effect operation
• Up to 512 fixtures may be individually addressed
• Quick lamp replacement
• 3-phase system capability
• Self resetting thermal shutdown
• Adjustable current consumption
• 3-pin XLR connector

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Manufacturer Info

Rental Pricing

Daily Rate$20
Weekly Rate$60
Long Term Ratesca
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