Strand CD80 – Portable Dimmer

Strand Cd80 portable dimmer modules offer portable dimmer applications. Our rental inventory comes in a variety of power configuration.

Product Description

Dimmer Configuration Options
12x2.4Kw - Stage Pin
24x2.4Kw - 4 Soca/6 Circuit Out - Stage Pin Out
6x12Kw - 100 amp Bates
6x6k - 60 amp Bates
48x2.4K Rolling Rack - Soca and Stage PIn
Product Features

• Rugged dimmer packs for portable and permanent  applications
• All controls are recessed and flat front circuit breakers are used to prevent accidental damage to key components. All circuit breakers provide a positive trip indication.
• Fully digital processor with simple to use front panel setup with alpha numeric display
• User selectable fade curves as well as minimum and maximum level selection
• Dual DMX inputs with mode selection. Daisy chain output passes combined levels on to next pack
• DMX input patching
• Local indicators for phase and over temp
• Plug-in processor
• Input and output XLR connectors for daisy chaining packs
• Entire pack is UL and CUL approved as an assembly and appropriately labeled
• Toroidal chokes for high-quality filtering
• Full range of output connectors: stage pin, twist-locks, u ground and multi-pin socapex

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