Nuri*Lites Tricolor Mini PAR

The Tricolor Mini PAR is a compact, durable RGB LED fixture with a variety of applications. This flicker-free, 30 ̊ beam angle is perfect for illuminating large surfaces with deep, saturated, and intense colors, all at an affordable price. Housing fits inside most truss, and is controllable via DMX, stand-alone cycling, or in master/slave mode, and hosts a series of onboard pre-programmed macros.

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The Nuri*Lite Tricolor Mini PAR is a compact RGB LED fixture with an impressive output for an affordable price. The Tricolor Mini PAR offers deep saturated, intense colors due to the specially selected LEDs. The powerful LEDs provide extremely high output and ensure flicker-free operation for all types of TV and camera use.

The fixture comes with a 30 ̊ beam angle which is perfect for illuminating large surfaces and can also be used for effect lighting. Because of the compact and light housing, the Tricolor Mini PAR fits inside most truss types which makes it the ideal spooklight. Besides DMX control, the fixture can also be controlled stand alone or in master / slave mode. The Tricolor Mini PAR comes with pre-programmed macros.

All controls can be found in the menu on the on-board LCD display. The fixture has a double bracket so it can be placed on the floor or mounted to truss structures by using the CLF quicklock system. This unique hanging system is easy to use and time-saving. An optional barndoor is available.


• Versatile 30 ̊ beam angle for many applications

• Compact and lightweight housing. Portable!

• Double yokes for floor and truss-mounting

• Flicker-free operation

• Clear and simple menu structure for operation settings

• Includes power cable. Optional barndoor available.

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