Highend Hog 1000 Console

Hog 1000 is ideal for smaller applications and include many of Wholehog II most powerful features, including Effects Engine playback and 3D positional programming.

Strand 250ML Console

This is the perfect desk to introduce you to the world of intelligent fixture control. Built for entry level operation and small to medium sized theatres, the Strand Lighting 250ML console gives you a simple interface, great features.

Strand Palette VL16 Channel 1500

The Palette VL family of consoles bridge between the clean simple operation of our regular Palette consoles with the control and sophistication of our larger Light Palette VL consoles. You can have the power of conventional and moving light control in a value priced system. Palette VL features an integral trackball, moving light encoders and direct action attribute keys to extend the power of the Palette family of consoles. Rental includes a 1500 channel.

Baxter DMX Playback 8/Battery Option

The Pocket Console® with 8 fully recordable submasters in the new PLAYBACK-8™ software. In this version, THE POCKET CONSOLE® DMX
PLAYBACK-8, it is not just a single scene playback anymore, but is now a recording console.

ETC ION 1500

The Ion control console provides fully-integrated control of LED, conventional and moving lights in a compact, portable package. Up to four control devices- each with its own workspace- can be used for programming and playback. Synchronized backup is also optional. With Universal Fader Wings, multiple cue lists and up to 999 submasters are available.

Highend – Hog Full Boar 4

A console capable of delivering everything from a local theatre show to a stadium gig! All the power of the Hog 4 in a more compact package, with sleek lines, raked screens and familiar layout. Like it’s predecessor it allows for total expansion enabling you to create, manage, edit and playback all types of shows. The Full Boar 4 comes packed with the latest hardware features – 10 point multi touch, motorized faders, solid state HDD to name a few.

ETC Express 48/96 Control Console

Hands-on foundational lighting control console with manual 2-scene preset operation, industry-acclaimed ETC Expressionsoftware and functionality. Applications:  College, Middle/High School, Community Theatre, Trade Show, Small TV Studio.

ETC Element 60 Faders/500Channels

Based on ETC’s award-winning Eos® control system but with a simplified feature set, Element™ is designed expressly for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control.  Ideal for smaller venues like schools and houses of worship with a single console operator or volunteer staffers.  It is usually combined with rigs outfitted predominantly with conventional fixtures (spotlights, PARs, fresnels, etc. and their accessories – scrollers, mirror heads, gobo rotators, etc.) or LED fixtures or rigs with a small number of simple moving lights

Baxter Basic Pocket Console 8 Channel

The Basic model provides a portable single scene with 8 Channels of up to 512 patchable dimmers or attributes. The Pocket Console® is the inexpensive source for the smallest, most graphic “hands-on” and “user-friendly” DMX-512 theatrical lighting console made.

Strand LBX 125 Channel Console

LBX is Strand Lighting’s  “memory with manual” lighting console which uses the Genius foundation software plus Kaleidoscope™ and Communiqué™ extension software packages. The user-selectable software and hardware features make LBX ideal for the varied applications in the areas on concert lighting and rental.

Strand GSX 125 Channel Console

Compact and versatile hardware platform for use with Genius™ operating software, and optional Kaleidoscope™ and Communiqué™  application software. The Operating Software package chosen sets the capacity of the system in increments from 25 channels to a maximum of 125 channels. With two playbacks, 24 submasters, LCD display and integral 3.5″ floppy disk drive. Supplied with power supply. Future expansion of capacity or functions (through application software) is designed into the system through the purchase of upgrade packs or additional application software. See also LBX console which has a similar specification to GSX, but provides additional two presets of software configurable manual faders.

Note: This console requires a monitor.

Strand 100 Series 12 Channel/24 Scene

Fully digital control console with 12 channel 2 scene preset, 24 channel single scene preset operation with unique Hold function in single scene mode. Built in effect operation. Designed for portable or rack mounting applications with removable end caps to facilitate rack mounting. Split crossfader with time fade function, Bump buttons and Grand Master and Black out key. DMX 512 output. Available with 120 volt UL, cUL power supply or 230/240 volt CE marked supplies.

Strand 24 Channel LX Mantrix

Basic lighting control for small venues, drama studios, schools, clubs, video studios and for optional remote submasters with memory consoles

Strand MX Mantrix Channel Control Board 12,24 48

Strand MX is a portable lighting controller, and is essentially a two scene present board, with comprehensive memory and effects features.  Scene-masters are provided allowing memories to be missed to form complex scenes very simply. It is produced in three sizes, comprising 12,24 and 48 channels.