Altman Spectra Series LED Cyc 100watt

The Spectra Cyc is a 100 Watt cyclorama wall wash luminaire utilizing red, green, blue and amber LED emitters. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications, the Spectra Cyc blends colors via a patented LED lens which reduces pixelization from direct view.

Altman Cyc Lights

Cyclorama lights, while very similar to borderlights, produce a very broad, asymmetrical, wash of light used to light cycs and scenery from as high as 25′. Cylclorama lighting is used either from the ground (Ground Cycs) or from fly pipes (Sky Cycs) and for better uniformity, both types may be used.

Altman has several options in the Cyc family. Call for more information.

Strand Cyc

Strand offers several option in their line of Cyc lights.