Strand CD80 – Portable Dimmer

Strand Cd80 portable dimmer modules offer portable dimmer applications. Our rental inventory comes in a variety of power configuration.

Magic Gadget – Shadowmaker 3×2.4kw

Designed as a standalone option & used by anyone from demanding pros, to self-proclaimed DIY lighting techs! Control light without scrims, diffusion, or other tedious methods. All products feature simple design that’s easy to use & effective Magic Gadgets dimming equipment is used in many of the motion picture, television & stage shows today.

Dove Shoebox

The Dimmermaster 406 SUG shoebox truss-mount dimmer is a very compact unit with four 1000W dimmers and U-ground outlets. It may be pipe or tree mounted and is perfect for tight spaces where conventional dimmer packs are too bulky. The unit accepts both DMX-512 or 0 to +10VDC control signals. The starting channel is set on a thumbwheel switch, which also provides load testing and local control. A status LED indicates the presence of a DMX control signal. With both male and female XLR connectors, the control signal may be daisy-chained from pack to pack. The DM-406 gets its power from a single standard 15 Amp wall outlet and has a maximum total capacity of 1.8 kW.

Hand Dimmer 1K (Hand Squeezer)

This 1K dimmer is fully enclosed in a metal box with heat sink ventilation, cable compression bushings & Edison inlet/outlet.