The DMXCAT is like the Swiss Army Knife of state lighting solutions. This versatile tool provides seven apps that integrate with your Android or IPhone, as well a smaller hardware to control and communicate issues relating to DMX and/or RDM enabled fixtures, DMX wiring interruptions, Dip Switch conversions, Wi-Fi interference, and light meter measurement.

Swisson W-DMX Transceiver 5 Pin

W-DMX from Wireless Solution is the leading technology for wireless DMX transmission. With a latency of only about 5 ms,  W-DMX guarantees a DMX connection with the properties and reliability level equivalent to those of a wired link. Several transmitters can be operated in parallel, each of which is easily linkable to any number of receivers […]

DMX Cable (3Pin and 5Pin)

Cable Extensions 5-Pin DMX Cable –  Lengths – 5’, 10’ 15’, 25’, 50’, 100’ 3-Pin DMX Cable –  Lengths – 5’, 10’ 15’, 25’, 50’, 100’ 4 Pin DMX Cable –  Color Changing LED Lengths  5’,10’, 60’ Adapters 3-Pin Female to 5-Pin Male 5-Pin Female to 3-Pin Male RJ45 – 5-Pin Male RJ45 – 5-Pin […]