Nila Varsa Daylight Deluxe

The Varsa strikes the perfect balance between light output and portability. With an output comparable to a 400 watt HMI fixture, the Varsa uses only 75 watts and weighs a meager 10 pounds. It’s ready to go when you are with instant-on, AC/DC power options, and beautiful, flicker-free light.


575 watt HMI Fresnel

Strand 575-watt HMI Fresnel 575-watt electronic ballast 25’ 575-watt head-cable Jr. 3-Rise stand Scrim set Barndoor Please follow and like us:

HMI 2500

2500 watt HMI (Fresnel, Par)

Strand 2500-watt HMI Fresnel 2500/4000-watt switchable ballast 25’ 2.5k head-cable Jr. 3-Rise stand Scrim Set Barndoor Strand 2500watt HMI Par 2500/4000-watt switchable ballast 25’ 2.5k head-cable Jr. 3-Rise stand Scrim Set Barndoor Please follow and like us:

4000 watt HMI

4000-watt HMI Par 2500/4000-watt switchable ballast 25’ 4k head-cable Jr. 3-Rise stand Please follow and like us:


200 watt HMI (Fresnel, Par, Softlight)

Desisti 200-watt HMI Fresnel 200-watt electronic ballast 25’ 200-watt head-cable Baby 3-Rise Stand Scrim set Barndoor Strand 200watt HMI Par 200-watt electronic ballast 25’ 200-watt head-cable Scrim set Barndoor Desisti 200-watt HMI Softlight 200-watt electronic ballast 25’ 200-watt head-cable Please follow and like us:

HMI – Par, Sungun

Make Model/Wattage LTM 24 W-12V HMI Pair Sunray 200w Sungun Strand 200w PAR Desisti 200w Fresnel Desisti 200w Softlight Sunray 400/575/700w PAR Strand One Light 575w PAR Strand Sirio 575w Fresnel Altman 1200w Fresnel Sunray 1200w PAR Strand 1200w PAR Strand Quasar 1200w PAR Strand 1200w HMI Softlight Strand 2500w PAR Strand Quasar 2500w PAR […]

Nila Boxer – Daylight Led

The Boxer gives you the most flexibility and best performance for a full range of lighting applications.  From punchy to soft, the Boxer’s holographic film lenses allow you to dial in the perfect look every time.  The Boxer is the perfect upgrade from hot and power-hungry HMIs and tungsten fixtures.  With a power draw of only 200W, flicker-free operation, and powerful output, the Boxer is an indispensable part of any lighting package.

Aadyn Jab Daylight Led

The JAB Daylight LED fixture in AAdynTech’s JAB Series lineup is one of the most sought after lighting fixtures on the market for good reason. Whether for Broadcast ENG remote field production, fixed studio installation, live sports coverage, video shoots or film, the JAB Daylight provides a wealth of practical benefits and features ideally suited to a wide range of lighting applications. Weighing in at only 19 lbs., its small compact footprint allows for an ease of transport for on-the-go lighting assignments. An unmatched output of better than 2,500 foot-candles at 10 ft. combined with a maximum current draw of a mere 1.77 amps at full brightness means savings up to 90% A/C energy usage. If that weren’t enough; the fixture can be operated on 28.8v DC battery power for situations where conventional A/C supply is problematic or non-existent. To extend the flexibility of the fixture various CTO and Minus Green optional filters are available, enabling the 5600°K Daylight to operate as a Tungsten fixture.

AadynTech Eco Punch Plus Daylight

The ECO Punch Plus is the most powerful daylight-balanced LED light on the market today, all while using 5 amps of power. This fixture throws an unbelievable but true output of 4,044 foot candles @ 10 ft with an even spread and no drop off. AadynTech has developed this color-corrected, single-source LED light that exclusively use’s CREE LED’s and is assembled at Sturdy Corp, right here in the USA. In addition, to being self contained with a universal power supply, there are no head cables needed. Besides, no need for any spare lamps/LED’s.

In addition, Save up to 90% of your A/C and energy usage. Optical efficiency allows for a single light source and eliminates multiple shadows. Special effects include variable lightning and strobe, which have made lightning strikes inefficient. Quick change lens which vary between spot and flood (and still keep an even field with such high output!) Actually, brighter than a 2,500W HMI Par and with far less heat to worry about.