Kino Flo Mini-Flow Kit

The Mini-Flo System, sometimes called a “car kit,” can be found most often lighting nighttime car interiors and other small areas. However, over the years, the Mini-Flo’s unique lightweight and color control features have endeared it to video and broadcast lighting designers as a cool, efficient chin light for speakers at a podium or news anchors in a TV studio. The Mini-Flo is available with single dimming ballasts, plus a choice of 9” or 12” fixture and lamp sizes.

2x2 Kino

Kino Flo 2 Bank x 2 Feet

Kino Flow double is indispensable to cinematographers as an all-purpose fill source, and over the camera as an eye light. The featherweight 4ft. is often handheld. Turn the long narrow source like a wand and watch shadows disappear. The 2ft double is often dropped behind set pieces at the last minute to dress up a shot.

Kino Flo 4x4ft

The Kino Flo 4Bank System has won awards as well as the hearts of lighting artists around the world.  The versatility  produces soft beam like that of a bounced light but with special features to control spread and intensity.  Custom electronics ensure bright, flicker-free light.During any given production day, a 4bank can work as a soft key on talent, a ring light on the camera, a bluescreen source, a set practical or a  fixture for underwater.

Kino Flow – Celeb 200 Kit

The Celeb 200 features dial-in white light from  2700 to 5500 Kelvin and presets with programmable settings. Light levels do not change when selecting  Kelvin settings. The Celeb also includes full range dimming without color shift. Its low energy profile,  Universal 100-240VAC input and 24VDC operation, make the Celeb a welcome addition to Kino Flo’s line of lighting instruments for any professional lighting application on location or in the studio.

Kino Flo -Diva Kit 400

The Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400 Light Kit is a professional, energy efficient lighting system that reproduces color faithfully and boasts Kino Flo’s trademark modular fixture designs with a full range dimming system. The ball-headed mount makes this light easily positionable and is ideal for studio and on-location filmmaking where reproducing natural or scene-specific lighting is desired. It is also suitable for portrait photography and can be modified with its built-in barn doors and included diffuser or grid.