Nila Boxer – Daylight Led

The Boxer gives you the most flexibility and best performance for a full range of lighting applications.  From punchy to soft, the Boxer’s holographic film lenses allow you to dial in the perfect look every time.  The Boxer is the perfect upgrade from hot and power-hungry HMIs and tungsten fixtures.  With a power draw of only 200W, flicker-free operation, and powerful output, the Boxer is an indispensable part of any lighting package.

Rosco Braq Cube WNC

Using 21 high-quality Cree XML 4W emitters, the Braq Cube® WNC outputs more than 7000 lumens and can adjust from 2700K to 6500K. A unique mix of warm, neutral and cool LEDs insure excellent rendering across all color temperatures. Small enough to be built into scenery or soffits, and lightweight enough to mount as a track light, the Braq Cube® WNC is perfect for use in broadcast & photography studios and film & TV sets, as well as retail stores, museums and other architectural installations that require a bright, gorgeous white light with excellent color rendering.

Rosco Braq Cube 4c

The Braq Cube® 4C packs an unprecedented 100 watts of color-mixing output into just a 5 inch cube! Despite its surprisingly small size, the Braq Cube® pushes out more than enough light to replace conventional wash lights in broadcast studios, on stage, in film sets or in commercial architectural installations. Using the best-in-class RGBW quad-chip emitters, the Braq Cube® 4C produces a gorgeous palette of saturated, mid-tone and pale tint colors that can be dialed in at the touch of a button. Thanks to the high quality of the emitters, the Braq Cube® 4C is also capable of mixing a “true white” that is superior to the unflattering mixed amber compromise found in other color mixing lights. The single chip optic eliminates multi-colored shadows and creates a powerful, fully blended color wash wherever the designer needs it.

Litepanel 1×1 Fixture Assembly (Bi-color, Bi-Focus, Spot)

The original Litepanels 1×1™ fixtures introduced filmmakers, videographers, broadcasters and photographers to a new kind of light while simultaneously spawning an entire industry of copycat panelsthat have failed to meet the high standardsset by Litepanels for quality and performance. Litepanels family of one-foot square LED arrays offer a number of options with daylight, tungsten, variable color and variable focus fixtures that output Litepanels signature full spectrum white light. Drawing only 40W and weighing just 3 lbs. (1.36kg), the heat-free 1×1 is a go-to tool on many productions.

GLP Studio Par Platinum 4w RGBW LED

The Studio Par Platinum brings powerful LED technology to traditional stage and event lighting. Using 4 color LED’s, the Studio Par produces seamlessly blended washes of light through a full color palette using either a warm white or cold white LED to supplement its RGB capabilities. The addition of the white color to the LED gives a broader color gamut, an extensive range of pastel colors and pure white output when powercon input and output connectors allowing for easy daisy chaining of multiple fixtures. A cleverly designed housing protects the connectors from damage, whilst still allowing full access to the digital user menu and for floor mounting. With a 25° beam angle as standard, the Studio Par can also be fitted with a 10° or 40° lens.

GLP Studio Par Platinum 3W RGB LED

Harnessing the power of 20 x 3W LED’s, this Studio Par Platinum fixture produces a bright, even beam across its color gamut. Using tri-color RGB LED’s, the Studio Par mixes its output within the LED itself and so projects a single color from each of its’ 20 sources, no matter what that color may be, looking great if it is in view, or not. Combined with its optical lens output system, this gives the fixture the ability to output a vibrant and intense beamof light. The Studio Par features Neutrik Powercon input and output connectors allowing for easy daisy chaining of multiple fixtures. A cleverly designed housing protects the connectors from damage, whilst still allowing full access to the digital user menu
and for floor mounting. The Studio Par Platinum comes fitted with a 25° beam angle as standard.

Strand SL Par 155 Zoom

The SL PAR 155 ZOOM is a rugged LED PAR luminaire that utilizes nine homogenized RGBW LEDs to deliver a powerful blended beam. The manual zoom provides a versatile beam angle range from 8 to 40 and the split yoke bracket allows for easy hanging or floor mounting. The strong construction makes the SL PAR 155 ZOOM a natural replacement for conventional PAR fixtures. Whether illuminating stages, clubs, or highlighting entertainment and architectural elements, the SL PAR 155 ZOOM provides designers with the highest output and best color uniformity.

Wybron Cygnus 200watt RGBW LED

The Cygnus 200W Color Wash provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products with incredibly smooth, vibrant color. The 200W Cygnus fixtures feature 96 CREE LEDs in a quad package for high lumen density.

Wybron Cygnus 100watt RGBW LED

The Cygnus 100W Color Wash provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products with incredibly smooth, vibrant color. The 100W Cygnus fixtures feature 48 CREE LEDs in a quad package for high lumen density.

Philips Color Kinetics -ColorBlast 12 RGB

High-performance ColorBlast 12 LED fixtures generate rich, saturated colors and color-changing effects for a range of wall-washing and floodlighting applications. Designed with the needs of lighting designers, architects, and retail window directors in mind, ColorBlast 12 can be used in both indoor and outdoor installations. High-intensity LEDs produce superior light output of up to 1207 lumens. ColorBlast 12 also offers full pan and tilt rotation, flexible mounting options, two beam angles, and superior control through Philips or third-party controllers.

Blizzard RokBox 5 RGBVW 18x15watt LED

RokBox  is a 18x 15-watt RGBVW 5-in-1 LEDs, advanced electronics, and dual hanging brackets with secure grip locking knobs, the RokBox™ 5 RGBVW.  It features 4/5/9 or 10 DMX channel modes, which means it works great with any type of controller.  You’ll have full control of all that RokBox™ 5 has to offer such as RGBVW color mixing, 31 built-in programs, ultra smooth flicker-free 32-bit dimming (5 user-selectable dimming curves), and even easy HSV color mixing ability in 4-channel mode.  It has a super-easy to use built-in 4-button LED control panel also allows total control over the fixture including master/slave settings, sound active mode, built-in programs, auto mode, custom RGBVW color mixing (w/ 442nm UV), and user adjustable fade/strobe effects for a totally rocking light show!

Blizzard Puck Fab5 7x15watt RGBAW w/Battery

Packed with 7x 15-watt high power 5-in-1 RGBAW LED’s, the Puck Fab5™ flat LED par can gives you the latest technology.  Get the advantage of extreme light output, and truly superior internal RGBAW color mixing with an unmatched color gamut via 7x 15-watt, 5-in-1 RGBAW LED’s, all while maintaining the same great features that made the original Blizzard Puck® series so popular!


Blizzard V12 RGBAW 12x15watt LED

12x 15-watt ultra-bright 5-in-1 RGBAW LED’s have been placed in the ever stylish cast aluminum chassis, while also maintaining and adding to all the same great features that made the origional Puck series so popular! It’s sleek, powerful and packed with goodness.  Each individual LED of the Puck V12 incorporates a red, green, blue, amber, and white chip behind a single lens, so shadow artifacts and unevenness within the field are things of the past! Plus, with the ability to run built-in programs and perform full RGBAW color mixing with or without DMX control, the Puck is perfect for architectural work and installs as well. Two mounting yokes add positioning flexibility, and a slew of built-in programs in DMX allow the Puck V12 to be programmed with ease.

Blizzard Highbeam RGBW 7x15watt LED

HighBeam™ LED fixtures are super-bright and come packed with 7x 15W 4-in-1 RGBW OSRAM® LEDs with sharp 8° optics! Easily seen, they really stand out displaying beautifully mixed solid colored beams, or pump up the show with totally intense 4-pixel zone multicolored split beam effects that will surely raise the level of excitement in any venue!

Blizzard ToughPar Zoom 36x3w RGBAW

It’s got all the great features of the ToughPar™ RGBAW with brighter output and the addition of fast & precise 10º-40º beam angle capabilities!
Outstanding color saturation and exceptional pastel reproduction is a breeze thanks to the ToughPar Zoom™ RGBAW’s 36x 3-watt LED’s (6 Red, 8 Green, 8 Blue, 6 Amber, and 8 White). Amber and white LEDs give the fixture the ability to produce pastel colors which are not possible with conventional RGB LED fixtures. In DMX mode, you can control the fixture with either 5/7/9 or 11 DMX channels. You’ll have full control of many features such as RGBAW color mixing, beam zoom, strobe, ultra smooth flicker-free 32-bit dimming, and 10 auto run modes. The 4-button LED control panel also allows total control over the fixture including master/slave settings, 10 separate customizable R/G/B/A/W based white balance settings, and more.

Blizzard ToughPar Quadra RGBW 18x10watt -Outdoor Rated

Blizzard Lighting’s ToughPAR™ Quadra IP-65 Rated PAR fixture features industry-leading color reproduction and output thanks to its 18x 10-watt Quad-Color RGBW LED’s. Multicolored shadowing is a thing of the past thanks to 4-in-1 LED technology, and color gamut is increased exponentially with the addition of white LEDs.

Strand PL Fresnel 120watt RGBW LED

The PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire is a general purpose lighting fixture for theatre, small studio, and display lighting applications. It produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge which is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide even illumination. Using LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, the PLFRESNEL1 MKII LED Luminaire delivers Philips Selecon’s industry benchmark quality without the compromising performance of spreader lenses.