Strand Blonde 2000watt

Product Features

2000W powerful open-faced floodlight with a moving reflector focusing mechanism to vary the beam from 23° to 70° with even light distribution. Supplied complete with 5 meters of power cable with in-line switch, safety mesh, barndoor and 2000W FEX lamp.

Lowel i-Light I-01 w/Barndoors & Edison Plug

The focusable, i-light is a great DC powered location choices. They use rugged long-life lamps, & the accessories of the Pro-light. They provide essential key or fill light, eye-light, and contrast control in news and documentary shooting, without overwhelming available light.

Ultra 6k Spacelights

Spacelight fixtures consist of six 1K nook lights configured like spokes of a wagon wheel, pointing down into a silk cylinder, at the bottom of which is a round diffusion ring to which a diffusion material or gel can be clipped.