12″ Box Truss Truss

Building blocks to create the framework of holding lighting equipment. These are commonly used on stages.

Span Sets

Hoist Equipment used to travel heavy equipment.


Weighted material used to provide additional support and stability for lighting equipment such as stands, truss, boom bases, etc.

Junior Stands – American Grip

Junior (3-Rise) Stand is a 3-rise version of the Mombo Combo stand without the grip head. Also commonly used for reflectors. It features a three-leg base with a folding brace in each leg. They have a Rocky Mountain leg, a junior reciever, and a baby pin.

C Stands – American Grip

C-stands are designed as a multipurpose support for flags, lighting fixtures, prop stands, and other lighting stands. The legs are staggered in height, allowing them to fit in, around, and under furniture, props, and other lighting stands. A “stair leg”, aka rocky mountain leg, permits one leg to be raised so it can rest on an elevated surface. A standard C-Stand has a starting height of 40 inches, two risers, a grip head with an offset arm, and a baby pin.

Big Stands – American Grip

Hi-Rollers are wide-based units designed for extra stability. Mainly used for exterior work or on stages where a hefty stand is required.  Mombo Combo (4-Rise) stands are commonly used for reflectors.



A wooden box used for sitting, standing, prop elevation, and height adjustments. Apple boxes are made of wood that is nailed or glued together, with a stiffener or center support that enables the boxes to withstand a heavy load. Our apple boxes come in four sizes: